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Top 20 things 2020 taught us

Dec 24, 2020
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A worldwide crisis is like a big mirror to us. It reveals the real us. If you thought 2020 locked you down and limited your life's experiences, here is a compilation of 20 realizations, the year of the COVID has driven home.

  1. The Beauty of Patience

    We are learning ways to be patient with each other. We are adjusting our lives through compromise. Patience is helping us avoid negative emotions, giving us opportunities to be more empathetic and understanding.

  2. The Value of Simple Pleasures

    We've realized the value of simple things that we took for granted in our lives; a lunch with colleagues at work, a weekend gathering of friends, or a walk around a nearby mall. We have learned to count our blessings, a safe home, a job, and the reassurance of loved ones.

  3. Acknowledging Essential Workers

    We are openly acknowledging the critical role of people we otherwise do not think a lot about. These include our maids, cooks, home-deliverers, janitors, security guards, and our garbage collectors.

  4. Applauding the Healthcare Fraternity

    The tireless work of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and the scientists working hard to find a cure is now visible for all to see. There is media coverage and an all-round openness to actively applaud their efforts.

  5. An Appreciation of our Support Systems

    Teachers have transformed their skills to ensure students continue to learn and grow. Employees of our banking and financial sector are making sure the economy keeps ticking. And we continue to be supplied our essential food items. And we are taking note of the care and attention that go into these aspects of our lives.

  6. We are Adaptable

    Many of us would not have imagined going through our day without the things we were so accustomed to. Yet, here we are, working from home, standing in queues for essentials, wearing masks, and taking every precaution to keep ourselves safe and healthy. We are certainly more flexible than we thought.

  7. Revisiting our Personal Lives

    Many of us are refreshing and renewing our commitments, with a newfound enthusiasm to work towards our personal well-being. With the scare posed by the COVID virus, we are taking our healthcare far more seriously. We are forcing ourselves to seek a healthier diet, diligently taking up immunity building measures, and giving regular exercise their due importance.

  8. Working Environments are Changing

    Companies realize the benefits of remote working and the value of flexible working hours. Many administration jobs are being reviewed. There is an emphasis on ensuring everyone accrues a certain level of skill in dealing with technology.

  9. Making Do with What We Have

    The brief scarcity of resources of all kinds, including groceries, home supplies, and even medicines, pushed us to manage with less. Limited access to resources forced us to be creative. Take exercise, for example. Instead of a gym or a run in the park, we figured novel ways to maintain our exercise routine at home. Long forgotten hobbies are helping us relieve stress, anxiety, and even depression.

  10. Speeding up the Digital Transition

    As a result of the pandemic, digital transformation has picked up the pace. Companies, big and small, are being forced to go fully digital or turn unviable. Educational institutions have had a crash course in digital solutions. The demand for smartphones and laptops has increased sharply. Digital payments have gained a fresh lease of life.

  11. Governance is being watched

    Governments across the world have faced the harshest scrutiny in their approach to dealing with the pandemic. The importance of transparency in building trust has come to the fore. Local governments, cities, and businesses are being forced to be nimble and fleetfooted in their handling of the crisis.

  12. The Digital Divide

    The pandemic has exposed many shortcomings in society, and one of the biggest was the stark digital divide. Workers and school children forced to work remotely by lockdowns and social distancing rules have highlighted gaps in access to technology and the internet. Not just in our country but across the world.

  13. A Thriving Urban Habitat

    As quietness descended across our world, we all watched with wonder at the thriving urban habitat. Birds of all hues chirping away merrily, instances of wild animals straying into towns and cities, with social media filled with striking images and news.

  14. Blue Skies and Distant Sights

    With almost a total ban on vehicular traffic, our cities suddenly turned clean. We woke up to fresh mornings and a pollution-free environment. There were reports from across the country of remarkable improvements in long-distance visibility. The spotting of distant sights during the day and a sky crowded with twinkling stars at night.

  15. Home-Cooked Culinary Delights

    With restaurants and eateries shut, it was time to sharpen our culinary skills at home. We realized our hidden talents in the kitchen and the ability to churn out our favourite dishes. Posts of culinary experiments and mastering a particular type of cuisine became all the rage on social media.

  16. The Blurring of the Home-maker's Role

    We realized that a homemaker's role could be shared among all family members. From washing the dishes to hanging out clothes to dry, and cleaning the toilets, it's been an exciting revelation of just how much we can achieve by simply sharing our duties!

  17. A Renewed Respect for Fiscal Prudence

    From the biggest corporate giants to individual families, we are suddenly gripped with a need to review our daily expenses. With a sense of urgency, we have recast our investment strategies. Casting aside needless expenses, we are focusing on shoring up our resources.

  18. We are Seeking Financial Advice

    One thing that the pandemic brought to the fore is the fact that, without warning, things can completely change. Many of us, in order to navigate through choppy waters, have begun seeking financial advice from the experts. Taking professional advice is extremely important in dealing with our money and our investment strategies.

  19. Taking up Measures to Save for Rainy Days

    We are realizing that the emergency fund is particularly important as unforeseeable circumstances can strike any time. Mutual Funds with features like Systematic Investment Plan help us invest even small amounts regularly to create a large sum over time.

  20. The Bite of the Travel Bug

    Many of us are ruing, having postponed our plans to enjoy good holidays at domestic and international locales. Now, with most leisure-travel out of bounds, there is a painful realization of what we are missing. Hopefully, someday when the pandemic ceases, we will consciously take time out to travel more.

Let us all hope that we come out of this crisis unscathed. Still, having learned our lessons, we can transform ourselves and make this world a better place.

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