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Episode 101: Investment planning for young parents

Life takes a dramatic turn when you find out you’re going to become a parent. While it is an exhilarating moment, it is also a phase when you must create a financial plan. Financial planning is important at every stage of life. However, it becomes more crucial in case of young parents. Becoming a parent marks the beginning of a wonderful phase of life but one that can significantly alter your financial situation. Your expenses and responsibilities expand in a way you may not have anticipated, potentially derailing your savings and investments. Drawing up a clear roadmap for your finances is essential to ensure that your financial goals and aspirations remain on track. Join us in the next webinar, the second in our three-part financial independence series, as we discuss these issues and provide a financial roadmap for a young couple on the cusp of starting a family. Financial planning for young parents is necessary in order to ensure the family’s wellbeing. Hence, young parents should make sure they don’t derail their financial plan. In this InvestorsHangout episode, our experts will discuss the importance of a financial plan, what are the investment options for the young parents, and how they can plan their investments and savings.

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