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Episode 116: Empowering women financially

In this Women's Day special episode, we discuss the issues that prevent women from investing and talk about real ways to change this. Nowadays, women are sharing the stage with men in various professions, such as politics, finance, business, etc. They are also becoming financially independent. And, consequently, more and more women are investing in different schemes to grow their financial corpus. While women are good with savings, a lot of them don’t prefer investments. This might lead them not to meet their goals. Hence, investing is important for empowering women financially. To enable them to invest, financial literacy for women is important. Investing can ensure financial wellbeing. It can be a good option for women to meet their financial objectives. It can help them to accumulate funds to pay for child’s education, build a corpus for retirement, etc. If you want to know how investing can help you, then watch this episode. In this InvestorsHangout episode, our expert will explain why financial empowerment for women is necessary and what are the financial empowerment strategies for women.

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My Financial Goal #1

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Buy a House

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July 31, 2022

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