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Episode 108: Rescue your retirement

One of the most important concerns that every person has is retirement planning. People invest in different investment instruments to secure their life after retirement. A lot of investors prefer fixed-income instruments to accumulate funds for post-retirement life. The ongoing cuts in interest rates have put a vast majority of retirees dependent on interest earned on fixed deposits in a real bind. While living expenses are on the steady rise, the falling interest rates have sparked the fear of outliving savings among retirees. So, what options do they have now to get a dependable, inflation-proof income? But, the problem with fixed-income instruments is the cuts in the interest rate. Many investors think that due to the falling interest rate, they might not have sufficient money to live a stress-free post-retirement life. Hence, apart from investing in fixed-income instruments, investors must keep in mind other investment options while creating a retirement plan. Join us in our Hangout session as we guide you on how to retire gracefully without being affected from perils of inflation and dipping interest rates. If you want to rescue your retirement, then this episode is for you. In this InvestorsHangout episode, we will answer a few questions, like- • How to rescue your retirement if fixed-income instruments don’t provide significant returns? • What are the different investment options that can help in generating a substantial retirement corpus?

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