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Aditya Birla Sun Life Sensex ETF

(An open ended scheme replicating BSE SENSEX index)

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Fund Management

  • Mr. Lovelish Solanki

    Total Experience :

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    Lovelish Solanki is a Fund Manager at Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited (ABSLAMC). He comes with an experience of over a decade in fund management and research, both in Equity and Debt. He has been a part of ABSLAMC since October 2014.

    He was earlier associated with Union KBC Asset Management Co Limited for 4 years, as trader for the Equity and FNO Segment, while also managing the Options part of Capital protection Funds and other Close ended Schemes. Prior to Union KBC Asset Management Co Limited, he was also associated with Edelweiss Asset Management Co. Ltd for 3 years, responsible for the execution and management of Arbitrage Funds.

    Lovelish has a Master’s degree in Management Studies from Mumbai University with a specialisation in Finance. He is also a level 1 certified Chartered Market Technician (CMT) – 2012.
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Your Investment Summary

  • Investment AmountRs 5000
  • Initial units per month 29.5
  • Current valueRs 50,000
  • Current NAV value 260
  • Current Units 30
  • XIRR

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  • Benchmark XIRR

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Fund Summary

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Exit Load of 1% if redeemed within 365 Days from the date of allotment.


  • Investments in promising companies across industries
  • Discipline
  • Potential wealth creation with equity

Why ETF?

ETFs are the latest and the fastest growing mutual fund structure in the world. In conventional open ended mutual funds, investors must wait until the end of the day when the fund net asset value (NAV) is announced before knowing what price they paid for new units they bought and the price they will receive for units they sold. For most long-term investors it does not matter much, but many investors do require greater flexibility. ETFs are different from conventional index funds in the sense that ETFs are traded throughout the day unlike index funds whose NAVs are computed.


ETFs are bought and sold during the day when the markets are open. The pricing of ETF shares is continuous during normal exchange hours. Trading prices vary throughout the day, based mainly on the changing intraday value of the underlying assets in the fund. ETF investors know within moments how much they paid to buy units and how much they received after selling. The nearly instantaneous trading of ETF shares makes intraday management of a portfolio possible. Through this product we give our investors an opportunity to efficiently get their allocation into the investments they want in an hour and then change their allocation in the next hour. Short selling is also available to ETF investors.




ABSL SENSEX ETF is an open-ended exchange traded fund that is designed to track S & P BSE Sensex TRI index returns and trade just like any other stock, combined with the benefits of a mutual fund. This ETF will seek to mirror the return of S & P BSE Sensex TRI. The ETF will trade like a stock on an exchange, thus experiencing price changes throughout the day as it is bought and sold. An investor, by owning this ETF gets the diversification of an SENSEX as well as the ability to sell short, buy on margin and purchase as little as one share. It can be bought and sold through stock market brokers on payment of stock market related brokerages.


It will adopt a passive investment strategy. The investment objective of the scheme is to provide returns that, before expenses, closely correspond to the total returns of the securities as represented by BSE SENSEX by holding BSE SENSEX stocks in same proportion. However, the performance of the scheme may differ from that of the underlying index due to tracking error.


Key Benefits

  • Low cost – ETF have low expense ratio compared to the open ended mutual fund schemes.
  • Provides Efficient diversification – The companies are spread across wide spectrum of sectors and are beneficial for an investor who is in building in a well diversified investment portfolio. Also these companies are core to the India Growth story.
  • Easy to invest and sell – Investors wishing to invest & sell can do so anytime during the market hours as ABSL SENSEX ETF will be listed on the stock exchange.
  • RGESS eligible scheme - Investment in ABSL SENSEX ETF is eligible for tax benefits under RGESS (Section 80CCG of the Income tax Act) for eligible investors.

How ETF will work


Authorised Participants :


Parwati Capital Market Pvt. Ltd. &
Edelweiss Securities Ltd.


Aditya Birla Sun Life Sensex ETF

(An open ended scheme replicating BSE SENSEX index)

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking:

  • long term capital growth
  • Investments in stocks in line with BSE SENSEX to generate comparable returns, subject to tracking errors
investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.