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The Benefits of SIP, STP & SWP

All of us have different ways of investing to achieve our financial goals. Systematic transactions are key to accomplishing them. But what is SIP or STP or SWP and how it is beneficial? SIP is a disciplined way of investing in a mutual fund scheme, where you can invest a fixed sum of money over a time to build a corpus. What are the Benefits of SIP? • Timing the market: When you start an SIP mutual fund, you do not have to time the market. It gives you the flexibility to invest a small amount in a scheme without worrying about the market volatility. • Start sooner: SIP allows you to start mutual fund investment sooner. By systematically saving money, you can let the time and money work for you. • Power of compounding: With SIP, you will benefit from the power of compounding. Instead of withdrawing the earnings, you can choose to reinvest it the same plan, thus reaping maximum benefits from compounding. What are the Benefits of STP? Systematic Transfer Plan or STP allows you to transfer lumpsum amount from one scheme to another. The transfer of money is done automatically at regular intervals. Below are some of the benefits of STP: • Rupee Cost averaging: An STP helps to average out the purchase price incurred on investments. The technique allows you to invest in funds when the average price is low and selling the units when the value of funds increases, thus increasing your capital gains. • Higher returns: It derives higher returns by giving you the advantage of shifting profitable units when the market swings. For instance, if you’re investing in a low risk financial instrument, you can transfer some amount to equities to gain more when the market is performing well. What are the Benefits of SWP? Systematic Withdrawal Plan or SWP in mutual fund allows you to withdraw money when you’re in need rather than withdrawing the entire amount. It is subject to tax implications. • Earn regular income: SWP is the best way to redeem money or seek liquidity when you’re in need. • Easy withdrawal: The plan is best suited for retired people which allows retirees to withdraw a fixed amount every month. Watch this video to understand the benefits of SIP, STP & SWP

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