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Income Solution

Income Solution

Debt Mutual Funds
These schemes seek to invest your money so as to provide regular income and tax efficient returns. Could be ideal for investors who are interested in alternative modes of regular income, either in present or post retirement , and have low propensity for risk.

Who can benefit from Income Solution?

This is an ideal solution for investors who are interested in alternative modes of regular income, either in present of after retirement stage, and have low propensity for risk. (Regular income in not assured and is subject to availability of distributable surplus.)

Fund Categories

    Short term Fund: Schemes whose average maturity over the last 6 months is between one year and 4-5 years.

    Ultra short term: Schemes whose average maturity is less than one year, but which are not liquid schemes.

    Liquid: Schemes which do not invest in securities with a residual maturity of more than 91 days.

    Gilt(medium and long term): Schemes which invest in government securities and can vary their average maturity.

    Gilt(short term): Schemes which invest in government securities whose average maturity over the last six months is between one year and 4.5 years.

    Arbitrage: Schemes which seek returns from arbitrage opportunities between equity and derivatives and invest in debt when no arbitrage is possible.

    Income: Schemes which can vary their average maturity widely as per the declared objectives; these invest in government securities, money markets, bonds etc.

  • What are Income Funds?

    Income funds are a class of debt mutual funds that invest in a combination of government securities, certificates of deposits, corporate bonds and money market instruments. They seek to generate returns, both in declining and rising interest rate scenarios by managing their portfolio actively.

  • What are the types of Income Funds?

    • Fixed Income Funds • Equity Income Funds • Diversified Income Funds etc.

  • Why invest in Income Funds?

    One of the greatest advantages of income funds is instant diversification. Income funds usually offer an added hedge against market risk and make it easy for investors to invest in a diversified pool of dividend or interest paying securities.

  • What are Fixed Income Funds?

    A limited risk type of fund, investing primarily only in fixed income related investments like CDs and bonds. Fixed income funds normally invest in bonds and other debt securities and have some potential for growth while providing a regular level of income. There are a wide variety of fixed income funds available that can focus on specific geographic regions, credit quality and term to maturity or fixed income securities.

  • What are Equity Income Funds?

    Equity Income Funds seek high dividend income and future growth in income by investing a major portion of its capital in equity securities.

  • What are Diversified Income Funds?

    Diversified income funds seek to generate income by investing across various asset classes, sectors, and geographies. Like most income funds, they prioritize income generation over capital appreciation. Diversification plays a critical role. Certain asset classes will do well under certain market conditions, while others may do poorly. As market conditions inevitably change, the asset classes switch roles, with returns from some investments offsetting losses in others. The aim is to provide consistent investment returns with lower volatility.

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