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Wealth Creation Solution

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Wealth Creation could be an ideal investment solution for investors seeking long-term wealth generation. Schemes under this solution invests a major portion of your capital in equity stocks, helping your money grow in the long run.

If you want to save for a specific long-term goal, such as retirement, saving for a second home, or higher education of your children, our Wealth Creation solution could be the right choice. You can select different equity funds for your different goals as per your investment needs.


Why our Wealth Creation Solution makes sense for you? / Benefits

  • • Provide broad diversification
  • • Helps you achieve long-term financial goals
  • • Professional money management by the expert portfolio managers
  • • Flexible investment options

Who can invest in Wealth Creation Solution?

  • • Investors seeking long-term wealth generation
  • • Individuals with 5 years or longer investment horizon
  • • Investors with moderate to high-risk profile
  • • Investors seeking tax-efficient investment solutions
Fund Categories

    Hybrid Scheme: Scheme that is made up of a mix of equity and debt, which can vary proportionally over time or remain fixed.

     Thematic: A thematic scheme is one that doesn’t limit itself to a specific, clearly identifiable sector but has a broader investment theme.

     Diversified: Schemes which invests across industries with only a small allocation to each individual company.

     Large-cap: Schemes with more than 80 per cent assets in large caps over the last three years.

     Sector schemes: Schemes which invest in particular sectors of the economy such as Banking , FMCG, Infrastructure Pharma, Technology, IT, Miscellaneous.

     Mid- and small-cap: Schemes with at least 60 per cent assets in small-caps and mid-caps over the last three years.

     International: Schemes with over 65 per cent assets invested abroad.

  • What kind of mutual funds are included in wealth creation solutions?

    Wealth creation solutions comprise of equity oriented mutual funds. These funds predominantly invest in equity instruments i.e.: stocks of listed companies. Some of the funds may also invest in arbitrage opportunities that arise on the stock market.

  • Are equity funds suitable for you as an investor?

    These funds are suitable for you if you are looking to earn capital appreciation over a relatively long time period. These funds are suitable if you have a medium to high risk appetite as well as holding power to hold these investments over a long term (more than 5 years).

  • What kind of time period should I look to stay invested in equity funds for?

    Equity funds are best suited for investing over a long term – in excess of 5 years. The stock market goes through cyclical ups and downs and statistically, equity investments tend to earn better returns over the long term, across several market cycles. For shorter periods, our income solutions or savings solutions may be better suited.

  • Do all equity funds have the same risk parameters?

    While equity funds typically carry higher risk than debt and hybrid funds – different equity funds carry varying degrees of risk depending on their investment strategy and asset allocation. For e.g.: large cap funds invest in stocks of larger and established companies – they may thus carry a lower risk than small and mid-cap funds. Thus, fund type can be chosen depending on whether you are an aggressive or conservative investor.

  • What are the different types of equity funds?

    Equity funds are of several types. equity mutual funds are classified based on their investment composition or portfolio. For your better understanding, here are a few different categories of equity funds:

    • Large-cap funds: invest in blue-chip/ large-cap companies.
    • Mid-cap funds: invest in mid-size companies.
    • Small-cap funds: invest in small-size companies.
    • Multi-cap funds: invest in companies across large, medium, and small market capitalizations.
    • Sectoral / Thematic funds: invest in stocks of a chosen sector or as per the underlying theme
    • ELSS: Invest in equities along with an added advantage of tax-benefit under Section 80C.

    To know more details on equity funds’ categories please click here.

  • How are equity funds taxed?

    Profit earned on redemption of equity oriented mutual funds (more than 65% allocation towards equity) is taxed as capital gains. Funds held for 12 months or more are taxed as long-term capital gains (LTCG). LTCG is only applicable if the gains exceed INR 1 lac – then taxed at 10%. Funds held for period shorter than this are taxed as short-term capital gains, at a beneficial rate of 15%.

  • What kind of goals should I look to fund through equity funds?

    Equity funds are better suited for the long term, therefore long-term goals such as child’s education/marriage, buying a house, building a retirement corpus etc are some of the examples of goals that can be funded through equity funds.

  • Do I need a large investment to invest in equity mutual funds?

    Not at all. This is one of the key benefits of equity funds – it allows you to invest in equity funds with an in investment as low as INR 500 per month.

  • What are the main benefits of investing in equity funds?

    Investing in equity funds comes with a plethora of benefits including –
    • Higher potential for capital appreciation
    • Reliance on professional fund managers to analyse the markets and companies and select stocks
    • Ability to participate in growth of companies even with limited knowledge of the market
    • Diversification even with limited investment
    • Tax efficiency

Funds Under Equity Solutions

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