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Podcast 26

Avoid 4 Behavioural Finance Traits while investing

When it comes to investments, people tend to fall into a behavioural pattern while making investment decisions. This podcast of Mutually Yours focuses on four behavioural finance traits investors should avoid. These include:

    When you’re investing, you will come across a lot of updates, suggestions through media, financial planner or the general public, which affects the behavioural pattern.

    Herd mentality affects investment decision as many investors fear taking a contrary view.


    Behavioural bias is also one of the behavioural finance traits that one should avoid. Based on interpretations, our mind creates technical impressions. Hence, we end up reacting in a certain way.

    It is best to avoid exposing yourself to constant market information and updates in order to eliminate knee-jerk reactions.

Let’s hear from the financial expert to know more about behavioural financial traits in this interesting podcast.

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