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Why you need a Financial Advisor

  • Sep 02, 2020

Do you really need a Financial Advisor?

In life, you encounter many people who will enrich it with the knowledge they impart, the wisdom they share and the guidance they offer. Our parents choose our first teachers to lay a strong foundation and provide us with the tools and skills we need to succeed. But, to live a good and successful life, it is essential to seek out 3 more teachers - a career mentor, a health advisor and a teacher of wealth.

Career Mentor

A career mentor shares his knowledge and experience, helps you fix problems, shows you how to navigate the corporate battlefield and helps you make good choices, which should help you succeed in your career.

Health Advisor

Life brings many challenges - physically and mentally. Having a doctor, a guide to good health that you trust can help you live a healthy life.

Wealth Teacher

Having a teacher of wealth, a financial advisor, should help you take control of your financial situation and make your finances better.

Since, wealth creation is an important goal for most of us - we will focus on the 3 different ways a teacher of wealth can help you.


Impart Knowledge

Working with a financial advisor is similar to going to a doctor when you have health problems, an accountant to deal with tax issues and an architect to build a home. He has the knowledge and expertise to help you improve your financial health.

Share Wisdom & Experience

A financial advisor can help you align your investment and goals, so that you probably can achieve your goals on time. They help you track your financial goals and guide you to achieve them.

For example let's assume that you have 3 goals - accumulate a down payment for a home, create an education fund for your child and save for retirement. He can help you determine your investment horizon (how long is your investment period) and the allocation for your portfolio (funds types) that might help you achieve your goals.

Offer Guidance

It is easy to panic when things are not going well and you are unsure what to do. A financial advisor can offer advice and recommendations on how to navigate through troubling situations through right asset allocation and rebalancing as per your needs. They become a lifelong custodian for your financial well-being throughout even in your absence.

In short, finding a teacher of wealth can help you to navigate your finances better and helps you to achieve your goals with disciplined approach to savings and investments.

Start a journey towards better financial health, today!

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