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There are many young professionals like “Jaanoji,” who are have no idea what do to with the income as soon as they start earning. Are you one of those who does not know how to build the future? This is the perfect time to explore mutual fund investment. When you have just stepped into the professional world, it is quite normal to not know much about mutual funds and what is the maximum amount to invest in mutual funds. As you earn income, it is necessary to have a plan in place for a secured future, and mutual funds are one of the best investment avenues where you can invest at an early age, allowing your money to grow. Asset management companies’ money from several investors and use the funds to invest in diversified assets to generate maximum returns by mitigating risks. If you’re wondering how much percentage of salary should be invested in mutual funds, even a small amount of Rs.500 per month is enough for beginners. Gradually, you can increase the amount as your net worth grows. The funds are managed by professional fund managers that help you select the right scheme based on your risk appetite and investment goals. It is not easy to make money by investing in mutual funds if it is for a short time. You can expect good results only when you stick for a longer period and most preferably opt for equity investments. To get started with mutual funds, you can also seek assistance from a financial advisor.

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