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5 Signs That Prove That Covid Has Turned You Into A Hoarder

Jul 16, 2021
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The global pandemic hasn't been easy on anyone, but it has affected a few people in rather unusual ways. One of them is hoarding. We all heard about the crazy ways in which people started hoarding toilet paper! That was really funny to hear of, but actually, there was a deeper underlying meaning to it. COVID made many people susceptible to mental illnesses, and believe it or not, hoarding is a form of mental disorder. Researchers in Canada recently added hoarding to the manual of mental disorders. But how does it affect you? Have you unknowingly become a pandemic hoarder? Let’s find out.

  1. Chronic disorganisation

    With no help around and limited time to finish a variety of chores, you may have left your house in a mess. But has it turned into a form of chronic disorganisation? Have you simply decided to hold on to everything and not trash even the things that you don't need? If you have, then the chances are pretty high that you’ve become a covid hoarder. Holding on to unnecessary things is a direct indicator of this.

  2. Reluctance to meet people

    The pandemic situation is improving, and people are slowly crawling back to their regular lives. It is now common for friends to meet up indoors and spend time together. If your friends are keen to visit you but you vehemently refuse to let them enter your house, it may be because you’ve hoarded too much, and the things are everywhere. As per reports, people hoarded so much grocery, medicines and other supplies during the different phases of the lockdown, that they don't have space to store them, and they often lie on the floor of the house.

  3. Blind to clutter

    If you are unable to see how much you already have lying around and you keep compulsively buying more and more, you unfortunately may have turned into a hoarder. Hoarders turn a blind eye to the clutter around and keep adding to their stock, which soon becomes a serious problem.

  4. Unused for months

    Do you have bottles of shampoo and hair oil that are just sitting in your bathroom? When was the last time you used the tin of pizza seasoning? If you simply have a huge stock of things lying around without you ever even using them, the chances are high that you just hoarded, without thinking about the usability factor of the items.

  5. Compulsive buying

    Suddenly waking up at 4 a.m. and ordering groceries online may signal that you have become a compulsive buyer. If the stress of not finding the things bothers you too much, you should evaluate the requirement and analyse whether or not you’ve actually become a hoarder.

Being a hoarder is never a good idea. It ruins your home, it slowly eats away your mental peace and most importantly, it deprives the other people of the things that they need and you don't. The first step is realisation and if you already release covid has made you a hoarder, take a step back. Remember, this too shall pass. The pandemic is not the end of the world and we all will be out of this situation soon. See what you need and look to donate or dispose of what you don't. This will help the balance to return, and you can get better control over yourself.

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