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Fathers Know Best

Jun 15, 2018
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The Iyers look like a perfect family, but what goes into making a family as perfect as theirs, let’s find out. Here’s the story of Ashwin and his doting father who salvaged Ashwin’s dream of becoming a singer and led the way to an inspiring fatherhood. To say that he played a role bigger than most fathers would today, is clearly an understatement.
  Ashwin discloses his nervousness to his father, Mr. Iyer about his upcoming musical performance.
Mr. Iyer, a strong supporter of his son’s talent questions his nervousness and reassures him by saying he is talented and is blessed by Goddess Saraswati.  
  Ashwin is surprised to hear this as his father didn’t take his love for music seriously when he first confided in him.
Mr. Iyer goes on to explain how he wasn’t convinced with Ashwin at first but when he realised his son is determined to make a career in music, he felt it is his duty as a father to support him.  
  Ashwin recalls the day when his father, Mr. Iyer advised him to define his own finish line in life, assuring him that he will support his son in his race. Ashwin exclaims that he is lucky to have a father like Mr. Iyer
Mr. Iyer corrects Ashwin that it’s not just luck. It was his son’s hard work and his own planning that has brought them to such a happy place in life.  
  He further goes on to advise Ashwin to start investment plans for his daughter’s future, just as he did.
The father-son agree that happiness needs both, hard work and planning and end their story with an evening of fun and laughter.  
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