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How as a Woman You Can Inspire Other Women?

Mar 06, 2019
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Time has changed and so has the position of women in the society. Though we are still far away from closing the gender gap, it is a fact that some of the most powerful and best leaders in the world are women. Both at home and at work, women need to prove themselves repeatedly. The best way women can improve their position and scale new heights is when they start to learn from each other. It is not only about doing well at work, but women have so much to learn from each other that they can lead very successful lives.

There are several qualities which women have which can inspire other women around them. It is not necessary that each woman should have all these but imbibing some of these will make a huge difference in their life. Being a woman of impact at their work place or at home makes a huge difference. Let us talk about a few here:

  • Optimism

    When you try and look at the positive in each thing, the outlook in life becomes hopeful. When one is optimistic, they expect things to be their way, and they are most likely to achieve the same too. Anjali, who runs a successful fashion studio says, “Confidence and optimism are inter related, and a positive outlook leads to a confident attitude and helps you achieve your goals”. Women should take inspiration from the positive women around them and get rid of all the negativities. This is the best way to realize your potentials.

  • Strength

    Women have the ability to be strong and take risks. They deal with the problems patiently and take lessons from their failures. Komal, now a successful home baker says, “Never think how hard the challenge is; have the strength to fight for what you think is right and never give up.” Women should learn to be strong and believe in themselves irrespective of what people around us think. Being strong means you will fall but you will get up again, fighting all odds.

  • Accept Change

    Women go through many changes in life and the way they accept it and beautifully transition is commendable. This is a remarkable quality that women have and this is also a great sign of a leader. Embracing change and have the ability to work in a new set up full of change is the perfect leadership quality. The changes have to be accepted and be used in a way advantageous to them. Women must learn how to embrace and embody change in life and move on to newer places and scale new heights.

  • Grit

    Grit is the passion and determination to achieve the goals you have set. Life today is uncertain which creates stress and distractions. When you have the perseverance to sustain yourself, you will be able to achieve any goals you set for yourself. Mallika, tried her hand at various craft related businesses but today she is a very successful entrepreneur dealing in personalized products. It was her determination that kept her going and has helped her achieve success today.

  • Consideration

    Being considerate towards others is a great quality that women have. They can nurture and care for people around them which helps them make beautiful relations. When you think about the needs of the people you work with, they will also reciprocate and go out of their way to help you and assist you in achieving their goals. Ratna, says she always took care of her employees without compromising on the discipline. As a result, today most of her staff has been with her for many years and do not like to quit even if they are paid more.

  • Never Say Never

    Women have the ability to take on all challenges. There are many things society has decided men do better than women, but women have the strength to learn anything. One such thing is finance. In most households till date, larger finances are handled by men. But women have been pioneers of financial discipline in their families as champions of budgeting, planning, saving and operating on shoe-string budgets. Given higher responsibilities of managing money, they can do wonders. Automated Systematic Investment Plans, for instance will work well to channelize their household savings and accumulate large sums for future.

Women have many qualities which not only can make them leaders in their own field and be successful, but which can also inspire others around them. The day women start learning from other women, they will be far more successful in each and every field. Like they say, “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events, and incidents are used in a fictitious manner.

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