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How to come out of a Career burnout in times of Covid?

Jul 16, 2021
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Working from home, stuck within your four walls, very little face-to-face interaction, declining businesses, reduced incomes, and various domestic pressures are all resulting in people across the world facing a career burnout during Covid. So, what are the signs of career burnout? It is a form of psychological distress, perpetual exhaustion, cynicism and irritability, and overpowering negativity about everything. Job burnout is often a troubling experience that results from persistent workplace stress and an unhealthy working environment. A job burnout during coronavirus can be especially severe and oppressive.

It is highly critical to recognize career burnout symptoms and take immediate steps to arrest it before it destroys your life balance. Realize that you are not alone, millions of people are currently going through what you are, and there are remedial actions for an effective turnaround. Let us look at some practical ways to prevent burnout or refresh your work-life if you are facing one.

Recognize burnout symptoms. The first step is recognizing burnout. You begin to dread getting to your desk each morning. You stare at your laptop, unable to accomplish anything. You feel hopeless, struggling to do things that you used to enjoy doing. The signs of burnout are usually in stark contrast to the typical, energetic approach to work. This lack of excitement can quickly lead to a destructive, negative attitude. Burnout can even manifest in physical ailments- insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure, or even gastrointestinal pain.

Examine your burnout. Explore the real reasons for your lack of enthusiasm at work. The answers and the steps you need to take will vary accordingly. Are you just wishing for a new job, or are you desperate to quit working? Is there an imbalance between the demands and what you can offer? Are your frustrations to do with your employer, or are you just tired of handling work and domestic compulsions together? Identify and understand the root causes of your problems.

Come up with a plan. Avoid procrastinating and prepare a two-pronged plan of action. Consider sharing your troubles- venting your frustrations with colleagues facing similar issues, coming up with collective solutions, or setting up an open chat with your supervisor. And focus on introspective steps as well. Acknowledging and taking responsibility for your feelings will help you get back up faster.

Differentiate work-life and personal life. A golden rule at any time becomes all the more critical when you work from home. Set up physical boundaries with a dedicated workspace. Focus on work tasks before taking up personal duties, just like you would, if you were attending office. Mixing personal life and work routine can get tiring. Be clear with your manager and co-workers that you will not be available 24/7, and vice-versa, with family.

Prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Being at home can lull your senses and make you sluggish. Keep yourself nourished, prioritizing rest, eating healthy at designated times, and exercising. Take up leisure activities- listen to music, spend light-hearted time with family, and step out for quiet walks. Accept complete responsibility for the pressures and priorities in your life.

Life is not a burden thrust upon you. Burnout can be the perfect opportunity to make some new choices. Please do not panic. It could be the ideal time to switch into a different role. Grab some autonomy, go ahead and work towards something that truly matters to you. The important thing is to take control and drive your life. Always remember, your life and what you make of it are entirely in your hands.
And a final piece of advice- Be prepared for a burnout. Keep your financials in order, always invest wisely and diligently build a rainy-day fund. This will help you embrace challenging times with just as much enthusiasm as you do the good times.

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