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The Wolf of Plant Street

The Wolf of Plant Street

May 29, 2018
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When Mr. Blazing Ambitions decided to move into a sprawling apartment, luck had other plans waiting for him.
Life was jolly and good for this young fella, until his good friend moved into an uptown apartment. What follows are events of hilarious nature that will leave you in splits and questioning, is it always LUCK that does the trick or is there more?
Will Lady Luck favour him or will he have to take aid of something superior?
 House-Pic-1-300-300   Mr. I-Want-It-All is stunned when he finds out his friend Rahul’s latest developments in life.
To add to his dilemma, his witty friend suggests that Rahul indeed has his ‘Lucky’ streak going on for him.    House-Pic-2-300-300
 House-Pic-3-300-300   Listening to this, our protagonist is almost sure that it’s only LUCK that can get him into a fancy new house.
Trying to draw parallels between their fates, our protagonist is sure that the Money Plants in Rahul’s house are responsible for bringing him all that money with which he moved into a new house.    House-Pic-4-300-300
 House-Pic-5-300-300   This leads him to his master idea.
In the next couple of days, he fills every corner of his house with money plants, hoping they will change his fortune as well.    House-Pic-6-300-300
 House-Pic-7-300-300   Tired of his theatrics, his girlfriend finally breaks her silence and suggests he also sign up for a Systematic Investment Plan and stop depending on luck.
He finally realises the importance of Systematic Investment Plans and tries to win his angry girlfriend back.    House-Pic-8-300-300
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