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Why is the season of Holi good for you?

Mar 19, 2019
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Holi – the riot of colours. Holi – the festival of joy & coming together. Holi – the celebration of goodness over evil.

One festival, different connotations!

Holi is one of the biggest and the most awaited festivals of India when we play with colours. As goes the legend, Holi celebrations mark the victory of Prahlad over his evil aunt Holika and echo the message that good alone triumphs. People all over the country smear each other with various colours, eat, dance, drink and make merry. Besides the festivities involved, did you know that Holi has various other benefits too?

The Festival of Holi brings a lot of good hope and well being. It abounds in Financial Wellness & Health Wellness:

Financial Wellness

  • Ending year reminds you to take charge of your Financial health

    Holi usually falls in the month of March which is also the last month of the financial year. While you are busy playing and enjoying Holi, do spare a thought about your financial planning as well. It is important to plan your taxes by the end of March so that you can reduce your tax liability. Look for various tax saving avenues and invest in one which is most suitable to your profile. As new financial year is close, you may also consider starting a Systematic Investment Plan to channel your regular savings.

  • Like Holi colours diversify your investment portfolio too

    A range of colours are used when playing Holi. Use of different colours not only adds to celebrations but also help balance the colour spectrum in your body. Similarly invest your savings across various asset classes to balance your investment portfolio & diversify the risks involved.

Health Wellness

  • Makes you physically active

    Holi is the perfect antidote to laziness as it involves physical activity and alertness when celebrating. As you find people to throw colours on, dance on the peppy music and sing aloud, you exert energy and become physically active. Moreover, since the festival marks a change in the season from winters to spring, the celebrations help in eliminating the laziness from your body.

  • Organic colours are good for the body

    When you use organic and natural colours to play Holi, you do a great service to your body. The Abeer or gulal used to play Holi penetrates the pores of your skin and strengthens the ions thus providing benefits to your body

  • Traditional food consumed in Holi is good for health

    Every festival is marked with some traditional dish and in Holi too there are traditional dishes which are prepared. In the South, people make a paste of mango leaves and flowers, sandalwood and ash from Holikadahan and consume it. This paste has a healthy impact on the body. Moreover, thandai, which is a common drink of the festival, has various health benefits due to the ingredients it contains. Poppy seeds in the drink cure constipation while fennel cures flatulence. Rose petals and fennel seeds also improve digestion and the watermelon and pumpkin seeds boost energy. Moreover, spices added to the drink, like peppercorns and cloves boost immunity. The drink itself rejuvenates and reinvigorates you when you feel tired after playing Holi.

Make the best preparations for hosting a Holi party and even an after party at your home. However, don’t get so wrapped up in these preparations that you forget to plan your finances. Make the most of Holi so that you can enjoy not only its health benefits, but some financial benefits too.

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