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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is a unique way of investing in mutual funds combining multiple benefits. On the face of it, SIP is a no-hassle automated process for investors, which help make small investments regularly. Upon looking closely, one can see that SIP could be much more than just a convenience option. It packs in multiple benefits, much to the aid of investors.

SIP's: A Boon in any Market Environment

The stock market is inherently volatile going through a continuous cycle of bullish & bearish phases

SIP investing keeps you disciplined, preventing you from taking impulsive sentiment- driven investment decisions in a volatile market

The consistent nature of SIP investing gets you higher number of units when market is falling & lower number of units when market is rising.

This averages out the cost of your overall investment and eliminates the need to time the market.


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Benefits of SIP

Inculcates Financial Discipline

Whether market is at low and or making new highs; investors around you are wary and exiting the market or rejoicing with the booming market, SIP investing keeps you steady on your financial roadmap by ensuring investments are made consistently.

Easy on Pocket

SIP allows you to invest small amounts at regular intervals. It can be started with monthly investments of as low as INR 500.

Removes the need to time the market

SIP eliminates the need to find the right time to invest in the market. Investing regularly through SIP and staying invested for long could help your equity investments sail smoothly through the market volatility.

Allows Rupee Cost Averaging

When you invest via SIP, for the same investment amount you get more units when market is falling, and get fewer units when market goes up. This averages out the cost of your overall investment.

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