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Thank you, Super Mom!

May 08, 2019
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Being a mother can no doubt be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life.At the same time it has its share of challenges; daily challenges infact. To add to this, the challenges faced by a working mother are probably much more.

More than the physical challenge of balancing her time between home and her work, the emotional challengea working mother faces weighs in much more. Especially the ones imposed by people’s judgement of her as a working mother.

If you are a working mother, then this women’s day we celebrate and salute your spirit and urge you to appreciate yourself rather than carrying the burden of guilt imposed onto you by people’s judgements. We’re here with a piece to dismiss these false judgements.

  • Working moms do not give enough time to their children

    A lot of people may feel that working momsdo not give enough time to their child in his/her early formative years. Well to the contrary, working mothers give quality time & some important work lessons to their children structured around their daily schedule.Children are likely to value and respect the love and time their mother gives them whilst managing work. Quality over quantity is the key here!

  • Working moms get so stuck in a rat race that they donot have the time to think and plantheir kids’ future

    Working moms also focus on a dual goal of securing their child’s present as well as future. They often use their additional income to invest for their children’s future. Systematic investments such as SIP in appropriate mutual funds can help build a reasonable corpus to secure their child’s future.

  • Kids of working momsfeel a sense of abandonment/alienation

    Kids who spend part of their time at day cares may grow up to be far more happy and independent. They learn to interact with other kids and adults from an early age away from the sheltered care of their homes.

  • Working moms rarely have time for value inculcating and kids learn wrong things from house help and other staff

    Children of working moms generally develop well rounded personalities. They see and respect working women, a value which can stay with them their whole life. Such children may also see fathers and mothers share house responsibilities which can also inculcate long term progressive values in them.

  • Domestic responsibilities are sidelined

    Working mothers tend to run on a tight schedule and actually end up being more organised and scheduled with their house responsibilities. The additional income can help run the house with better amenities & lifestyle. The additional income also creates investments and assets for future.

  • All working motherschoose to work only for money

    Not at all! Additional income is often a bonus and not the main goal. Women choose to work for self development and career satisfaction as well. A happier mom will raise a happier child.

  • Working moms vent out their office stresses on their children

    For working mothers, coming home to their kids is a stress buster. They are less likely to get bogged down by their hyper active kids as being at work becomes their ‘me time’ and helps them stay mentally balanced.

  • Working moms do not give full justice to their office roles as their children are on their minds all the time

    All it takes is a little planning and working ahead. Plan with your work team well in advance as to how work can be delegated and managed, post you having a child, so that your performance at work never suffers.

As a mother, working or stay at home, you are already a super woman. Don’t let of any of these false judgements pull you down. You are not only giving your family a better today but also a better tomorrow. Explore the realm of investing for a secure future.

Remember, a happier mom will always raise a happier child. So this mother’s day, recognise and appreciate yourself.


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