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The Number Games

May 29, 2018
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He may have been good with numbers but when it came to LUCKY numbers, things didn't turn out the way he expected.
Here’s a story of a guy and his hysterical shenanigans that he believes, will make his dream come true. What started as a calm Sunday night turned into a Monday of relentless toil and never ending chanting of his lucky number. But, will all these practices finally bring him what he desires so much or will he have to resort to something more efficient?
 Holiday-Pic-1-300-300   Mr. I-Want-It-All, while doing his usual social media stalk-routine finds out something alarming about his friend.
His friend has recently put up a picture of his airline tickets to Bali, which leaves our protagonist surprised.    Holiday-Pic-2-300-300
 Holiday-Pic-3-300-300   His witty friend suddenly pops up and exclaims that the traveller is truly lucky to be going to Bali.
Our protagonist notices some key details in the picture uploaded like his friend’s seat number 7A.    Holiday-Pic-4-300-300
 Holiday-Pic-5-300-300   Another detail includes the Airline number MF777.
…and finally, his social media handle: lucky777.    Holiday-Pic-6-300-300
 Holiday-Pic-7-300-300   This gives him a brilliant idea to bring luck on his side so he can go to Bali, just like his friend.
Over the next few days, he starts waking up at sharp 7 am, wearing a No. 7 locket around his neck and reading books with references of this lucky number 7 so he can make his lucky number work for him.    Holiday-Pic-8-300-300
 Holiday-Pic-9-300-300   In addition, he pushes all limits when he tries to fit his size 10 feet in a size 7 shoe when his friend gets confused and asks him what he is up to.
To which he excitedly replies that he is trying to fit into his luck so he can go to Bali.    Holiday-Pic-10-300-300
 Holiday-Pic-11-300-300   His friend laughs at his naïve behaviour and suggests he sign up for a Systematic Investment Plan by browsing the various plans.
This leaves him amazed and he begins planning his first investment through a Systematic Investment Plan.    Holiday-Pic-12-300-300
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