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Women's guide to using simple Apps for Money Management

Women's guide to using simple Apps for Money Management

Jan 14, 2019
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Women are professionals when it comes to managing money. Whether they are housewives or hot shot career women, managing money is like second nature to them. They save money and invest them in different avenues to get good returns. Whether it is the all-too-favourite gold or the safe and trusted fixed deposits, women invest in different avenues as per their liking. Women who have deeper financial knowledge also choose to invest affordable amounts periodically in mutual fund via Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

Whatever be the preferred mode of saving money, there are different apps which make the task of money management easier. While women can be money-savvy, most of them are unaware of the various money management apps which have been developed. Do you know how technology has simplified the way you manage your finances?

Technology has made tremendous development and Smart phones& various applications have become quite a common for everyone, whether young or old. Whether you want to buy apparels, electronic gadgets, grocery or connect with your loved ones, there is an app for every need. Even managing money has become easy with a range of money management apps available on your mobile’s platform. Do you know about them?

You might not so, here is your guide to using simple apps for all your money matters.

Payment apps

Payment apps were the first apps which became popular after the Government demonetized two of the most used legal tenders. As cash crunch became severe, people shifted to digital payment apps, called mobile wallets to make payments for their financial transactions. With the various payment apps you –

  • Send and receive money to anyone

  • Add or withdraw money from bank account

  • Make payment for financial transactions

  • Pay utility bills

  • Book movie tickets or travel tickets and do a lot more

Many merchants accept payments through mobile wallets. Thus, payment apps simplify all your payment related needs. They also give you attractive discounts and cashbacks which help you save money.

Expense Tracking Apps

There are various apps offering budgeting to expense tracking options. Keeping a tab on the spends is not only easy. But these apps not only track, they also analyse and tell you a variety of things, like share of expenses under different heads. Some help to budget, book services, automate reminders, check bank balance and so on.

Banking apps

Banking apps are apps developed by banks to making banking easier for their customers. These apps bring banking to your fingertips and let you manage and monitor your bank account easily. Every bank develops its own app and by downloading your bank’s app on your Smartphone you can –

  • Get account statements on mobile

  • Monitor your bank accounts

  • Apply for loans or credit cards

  • Open fixed deposits and do a lot more

Banking apps, therefore, provide complete banking assistance on your Smartphone and you are saved from rushing to the bank for simple banking needs.

Investing apps

Investing apps are apps which help you invest your money in different avenues and also keep track of your investments. These apps are offered by investment brokers, investment service providers, etc. With investment apps you don’t have to go to different platforms for choosing different investment options. The apps give you a varied choice of investing avenues and you can choose any avenue which you like. You can also compare different products and then choose the one which is the best. Investment apps usually provide you with the following products –

  • Insurance – both life and non-life products

  • Loans

  • Credit cards

  • Mutual fund investments

  • Investment in shares and stocks, etc.

Thus, with investment apps you can choose any financial instrument for investing your savings and also track your investments.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund has a unique Active Account investing app which can help you park your idle money in liquid fund at the swipe of a finger.

So, there are different apps for different money management needs. If you want to bank, your bank would provide you with its personalised app for banking. If you want to invest there are investment apps and if you want to opt for digital payments, mobile wallets help you do the same. These apps have made the lives of women and even men simpler and easier. So, if you want to take care of your money matters find an app for the job and make the job easy.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.


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