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Confessions of a small town girl

Jun 20, 2018
2 mins | Views 6543
Have you ever woken up and realised your all your salary is GONE?

After moving into the big city, taxes and expenses start eating Jigna’s income away and mummy’s theplas and laddoos are here only saviours. How she manages to take on tax and grow her wealth all the same is truly relatable. Watch the video to witness her story.
  A gleam of happiness spreads across Jigna’s face as she opens the two boxes of Theplas her mom sent her. She recalls the days when she would run out of food and her mother would send her food for the rest of the month.
She goes on to talk about how hard it is to survive in a big city with a meagre salary and ever-increases taxes and bills. In such times, she says savings looks merely like a fantasy.  
  She recalls, while her financial world came crashing down, she was left with no choice but to survive on luck and her mother’s theplas.
At such a time, she decided to sign up for a SIP investment in Equity Linked Savings Scheme offered by mutual fund so she could grow her wealth while also saving money in income tax.  
  She ends her story feeling joyful about her now happy days and thankful for not having to depend on luck anymore.
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