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Jun 19, 2018
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Best Investment Plans for Womens

Working for an MNC is great. However, for those who want to live an independent life… not so much.

Put yourself in Riya’s shoes and watch how she journeys from being a corporate employee to a proud owner of her boutique agency. There’s a Riya in all of us, waiting to call the shots in life. Watch the video to find out how she achieves this dream and sets herself free.
  Riya reminisces her days of working in the corporate industry which made her realise she doesn’t want to work under the instructions of someone all her life.
She dreams of being able to call the shots at work, watching movies on a weekday and making spontaneous travel plans.  
  Riya then discloses her secret that led her to starting her own agency and thus, setting her free.
She goes on to explain how a few clicks changed her designation from Employee to Boss.  
  Happy about the independent life she is living, she ends her story suggesting SIP investment to help make one’s dreams come true.
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