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Goal - A New Beginning

Jun 19, 2018
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When you achieve your dream, that’s a job well done. But what happens when you realise there’s more you want from it?

Follow the story of Rohan, a professional footballer who imagines more than just luxury and fame for himself. How he sets out to play the second half of his life game and creates a new starting line for himself, watch the video to find out.
  Rohan talks about how playing international football has changed him as a person and his relationships.
He reminisces about the time when he used to play with his friends and it gave him a different kind of happiness.  
  He further goes on to describe how much he loves the game and all the fortune it brought him but he is hopeful for a future where he won’t have to play for any material gain, but for himself alone.
He goes on to explain how his girlfriend got him to sign up for an SIP investment to help achieve his dream of active retirement.  
  He explains how the process was simple even for a small town and digitally un-savvy man like himself.
Browsing and investing in SIP plans was a piece of cake with schemes offered by mutual funds. Just a few clicks turned him into an investor.  
  He ends his tale feeling content about his active retirement and the days of play to come.
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