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Fantastic Birds and Where to Find Them

May 29, 2018
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He thought the birds would bring him luck and take him closer to his dreams. But luck had other plans...
Follow the journey of this brave man and his ambitions to make his one true dream a reality. Calm and resolved, his life takes a sharp turn when he discovers his life goals; but what measures will he take to make them materialise?
Will Lady Luck favour him or will he have to take aid of something superior?
 Car-Pic-1-300-300   Mr. I-Want-It-All takes his girlfriend out for a drive but luck takes a backseat when her attention is distracted by something shiny.
She spots a fancy sedan car cruising past them, forgets everything, and starts fantasizing about how amazing it would be to ride in a luxury car.    Car-Pic-2-300-300
 Car-Pic-3-300-300   To worsen the situation, his witty friend suggests that the person in the car is indeed very lucky to have a fancy car like that.
At this instant, he decides he should upgrade to a bigger car. The bird ornament hanging in his car gives him a foolproof idea to achieve this dream.    Car-Pic-4-300-300
 Car-Pic-5-300-300   He spots a line of birds nearby, minding their own business.
He strategically positions himself under them so that he get pooped on. This would guarantee luck on his side, just like the person driving the fancy car.    Car-Pic-6-300-300
 Car-Pic-7-300-300   His friend asks him to stop the stupidity and sign up for a Systematic Investment Plan which will give him a real chance of making his dream come true.
Contemplating what his friend just said, he gives a thought to investing in Systematic Investment Plan as a blob of bird dropping falls on his shoulder.    Car-Pic-8-300-300
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