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This Mother’s Day, Share the Love and some Habits

May 12, 2018
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Gratitude is one of the best emotions & a powerful one, which is why we celebrate Mother’s Day with so much enthusiasm. There’s nothing better than thanking our moms and making it a special day for them.

Mothers become our first teachers and many of her lessons are for lifetime. A great way to give back to mothers is to make her smart in handling money. We list some quick tips you could share on this Mother’s day.

  • Protect That Password: Senior citizens are often at risk of frauds involving passwords. Educate your mom about importance of password safety and ways to do it.
  • Use Payment Apps: Introducing your mom to utility apps for chores like bill payments will help her a great deal. It will be very convenient for her and calendar-ize all the expenses.
  • Credit Salaries, Don’t Pay Cash: Encourage your mom to credit into accounts of household helps instead of paying cash. She would be able to make them financially fit while becoming one.
  • Make Nominations: Often overlooked, it is critical to nominate beneficiaries to access funds in case of sudden loss of parent(s).
  • Don’t Just Save, Invest: Mothers are great at savings. They habitually save from their monthly budgets. They should be encouraged to invest their savings instead of just holding onto cash.

Pass on these lessons to your mom to let her know you love her a lot and if you really want to make it worth her while, start an Systematic Investment Plan for her. Happy Mother’s Day again!

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