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Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced Advantage Fund | Balanced Advantage Fund - ABSLMF

Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced Advantage Fund

(An open ended Dynamic Asset Allocation fund)

Investment Objective

The primary objective of the Scheme is to generate long term growth of capital and income distribution with relatively lower volatility by investing in a dynamically balanced portfolio of Equity & Equity linked investments and fixed-income securities.

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking

  • Capital appreciation and regular income in the long term
  • investment in equity & equity related securities as well as fixed income securities (Debt & Money Market securities)

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Fund Details

  • Fund Type - (An Open ended Equity Scheme)
  • Class - Hybrid
  • Category - Balanced Advantage
  • Min Investment - Rs. 100/-
  • Fund Manager - Mr. Vineet Maloo & Mr. Mohit Sharma
  • Latest NAV - 51.95 (as on 20-Aug-2019)
  • Inception Date - Apr 25, 2000
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Applicable Value Added Service & Value Added Products

VAS (Value Added Services)

  • SIP

    SIP : Systematic Investment Plan - Available Online & Offline for Direct & Regular investors to iron out intermittent market volatility and enable long term savings

  • STP

    STP : Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) allows investors to save in both asset classes by transfering a fixed amount from one scheme and invest in another scheme

  • SWP

    SWP : Systematic Withdrawal Plan allows investors to withdraw a fixed amount of money from their mutual fund to build sustainable income streams while saving on Tax also

  • SWF

    SWF : Smart Withdrawal Facility offers fixed payment option & variable payment option to allow investor to receive income @8% p.a. at fixed intervals or equivalent to dividend payment in the fund respectively. This helps in building regular cash flows, Tax efficiency, No TDS, No exit load impact. Available in BAF, Bal '95, BDYP, MIP 25, MTP, CBF, DBF, STOP

  • CATP

    CATP : Capital Appreciation Transfer Plan (CATP) allows investors to preserve their capital and transfer only capital appreciation to another asset class / scheme at regular intervals

Fund Performance

Trailing Return

Funds are bucketed on various parameters with respect to other funds in their category.
*Annualized returns are displayed for 1 year and above.

Annualized Returns

Fund Management

  • Mr. Vineet Maloo

    Total Experience : ​11 years

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    Vineet has 7 years of experience. He has been providing analytical support to the Chief Financial Officer of Hindalco Industries Limited, prior to which he has worked with Aditya Birla Management Corporation Ltd.
  • Mr. Mohit Sharma

    Total Experience : 13 years

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    Mohit Sharma is a Fund Manager with Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited (ABSLAMC), with total experience of over 13 years.

    Mohit has been part of ABSLAMC for last 3yrs. His prior experience include stints at Standard Chartered Bank, ICICI Bank, Irevna Limited (Subsidiary of CRISIL) and as an entrepreneur.

    Mohit did his Management Studies from IIM Calcutta (2005) and Engineering studies from IIT Madras (2003).
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Different plans shall have a different expense structure. The performance details provided herein are of (regular / direct) plan.

Portfolio and Sector Holdings

Top 10 Holdings (As on 30.06.2019)

Issuer % to Net Assets
Top 10 Sector Holdings Chart

Fund Summary

Entry Load
Exit Load
Load Comments
1%: For redemption / switch-out of units within 365 days from the date of allotment (% of applicable NAV) NIL : For redemption / switch-out of units after 365 days from the date of allotment
In respect of each purchase / switch-in of Units, upto 15% of the units may be redeemed / switched-out without any exit load from the date of allotment. Any redemption in excess of this limit shall be subject to the given exit load.(w.e.f. October 10, 2016) **Exit Load is NIL for units issued in Dividend Reinvestment.


  • Dynamic asset allocation approach
  • Benefit of equity taxation

Opportune utilization of price fluctuations:

Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced Advantage Fund adopts a ‘dynamic’ approach to asset allocation. This involves negotiating the ups and downs of the market cycle. Essentially, it aims to buy into underpriced opportunities, and sell out of overpriced situations. It provides particular comfort to investors who seek smoother returns over the long-term. The Fund runs a well tested P/E based model that drives the ‘Net Equity Exposure’. This determines the level of aggression that the fund carries in any market situation. While being invested in long equity at all times, it uses derivatives to reduce the ‘net’ exposure to equities, allowing fundamental research driven approach to selection of stocks that continue adding alpha over a longer period of time. The fund also gets the added advantage of equity taxation since its gross equity exposure is 65% and above.


The fund manager will invest into opportunities available across the market capitalization. The fund manager will use top down approach to identify growth sectors and bottom up approach to identify individual stocks. The fund would have the flexibility to invest in stocks across different market capitalization. The fund would therefore contain a blend of large, mid and small cap stocks. The allocation to the different market caps would vary from time to time depending on the overall market conditions, market opportunities and the fund manager's view. The Fund Benchmark is CRISIL Hybrid 50+50 - Moderate Index.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced Advantage Fund

(An open ended Dynamic Asset Allocation fund)

This product is specially designed for investors seeking*

  • Capital appreciation and regular income in the long term
  • Investment in equity & equity related securities as well as fixed income securities (Debt & Money Market securities)

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt whether the product is suitable for them

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  • KIM - Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced Advantage Fund
  • SID - Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced Advantage Fund
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For further details on the Scheme, refer Scheme Information Document and Key Information Memorandum.