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Aim to Retire early with Systematic Investment Plan

Jun 21, 2018
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Ajay and Rohan are driving back from Lonavala after their mini vacation on a long weekend. 

As the city limits approached, Rohan unwillingly says:

“So, we are back to the city. I wish we stayed back for more days.”

“Should I turn around?” Ajay smiled. He was driving.  

"Stop kidding Ajay. I have a presentation tomorrow. I can bunk only if I resign.” He paused and then again said, “But seriously, this whole weekday, weekend thing is getting at me. Why can’t I decide when to have a holiday and when to work?" 

“Who's stopping you?” Ajay asked. 

"Boss, paapi pet ka sawaal hai. There are expenses to be taken care of, EMIs. Got to work for that!" The frustration was clearly evident in Rohan’s voice. 

“Hmm. Any idea, when you will be able to be free yourself of all this?"

"Looks like never!" 

"Well, in that case you are not thinking enough. Are you making investments?"

"No man. Zilch! I do have some money but no idea what to do." 

"Hmm, so when you retire or stop working, how will you fund your current lifestyle?"

"Man, don’t send the shivers down my spine with such questions." 

"But you got to start somewhere. You know that there is no pension coming your way. Expenses will only go up and hence you need your own funds to be able to provide for them." 

"You are right. But how do I do it? 

"I think the first thing you need to start doing is savings regularly. Heard of SIP or Systematic Investment Plan." 

(thinking) "yeah, I guess I have." 

"Start an SIP into a mutual fund. Save and invest regularly. And who knows you will be able to go on such drives more often and take vacations when you want to." 

“You see Rohan, wealth building takes time. But you have to make an early start and add enough to the investment basket. Over the years, the wealth compounds, literally.  With this, you and I call our retirement sooner." 

"I don’t want to retire. I just need more flexibility." 

"Of course, retirement doesn't not mean you don’t work. It only means that you now have the power to decide how to use your time. Long drives or long work hours." 

Ajay grinned. "Got it man! You are super. I wonder why didn’t we talk about it earlier. We could have retired together." 

“It’s never too late. Who knows, we still can!” Ajay spoke even before Rohan finished. 

"That would be wonderful. Thanks a ton, Rohan! I am going to set up my SIP tomorrow itself. Hopefully, I will be doing more vacations soon and not more work hours." 

“Did someone say more vacations?” This was Rohan’s wife, who was sleeping at the back seat. 

They all burst into laughter. 

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